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Looking to learn more about electric vehicles from the Genesis brand? Genesis of Las Vegas can help you out. You can learn all about Genesis EV charging, maintenance, features and more. We’re proud to be your Las Vegas Genesis dealer, and we want to help you stay up to date with features and news.

Whether you’re more curious about the benefits of electric vehicles or how to maintain your EV, we can help you out. Discover all the innovative highlights that you can enjoy behind the wheels of your Genesis vehicle on the road.

Where Can I Charge My Electric Car in Las Vegas?

Use our interactive map above to find an EV charging station near you! If you recently upgraded to a new electric vehicle (EV) like the Genesis GV60, you may be wondering where to find public charging stations in Las Vegas. If so, this guide from the team at Genesis of Las Vegas is tailor-made for you. While Henderson and North Las Vegas primarily charge their EVs at home, public stations offer the convenience of charging on the go. Learn more below, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Common Places to Find EV Charging Stations in Las Vegas

There are some common places in Las Vegas where you can charge your electric car. Here are some general types of places where you might find electric vehicle charging stations in and around Las Vegas:

Public Charging Stations

Look for public charging stations at shopping malls, parking garages, and public parking lots. Charging networks like Tesla Supercharger, ChargePoint, and EVgo have stations in various locations.

Hotels and Resorts

Many hotels and resorts in Las Vegas offer EV charging services. If you’re staying at a hotel, check with the staff to see if they have charging facilities.


Some casinos in Las Vegas provide EV charging stations in their parking lots. It’s worth checking with the casino you plan to visit.

Types of Charging Networks

ChargePoint is currently the largest charging network in the United States, and you can find their stations in various locations. You can find ChargePoint stations at shopping centers, parking lots, and other public areas. Other popular charging networks include Electrify America and EVgo.

Get More EV Tips from Genesis of Las Vegas

To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on EV charging stations in Las Vegas, consider using mobile apps or websites dedicated to finding charging stations, such as PlugShare, ChargePoint, or the Tesla app. 

If you have any other EV-related questions, don’t hesitate to let us know. Our team is here to help Paradise drivers like you make the most of your new electric vehicle.

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