Extended Service Contract

Extended Service Contracts offer protection to you after the initial warranty period expires and has the ability to save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. These programs are sold on new and used vehicles. Coverage is based on the year of the vehicle and the mileage at the time the service contract is purchased. There are several deductible and term options to help fit within your budget and can be serviced at any licensed repair facility in US or Canada.

Additional Benefits

Extended Service Contracts come with additional benefits that are available day one such a substitute transportation, 24-hour roadside assistance, road hazard protection and trip interruption.

  • Substitute transportation in the event the covered vehicle is in the repair facility.
  • The 24-hour roadside assistance in the event the vehicle needs to be towed, runs out of gas, flat tire, dead battery or lock-out assistant.
  • Road Hazard Tire Protection in the event of a puncture, bruise or impact break occurred during the course of normal driving on maintained roads.
  • Trip Interruption Protection provides reimbursement for hotels, meals, and alternative transportation if the covered vehicle is disabled.

Vehicle Incidence of Repair

Statistics show, breakdowns start occurring after just 2 years of owning a vehicle, typically right around the time the Factory’s Warranty expires. The Extended Service Contract will protect you, as your vehicle ages and falls within the major expense period.

Why an Extended Service Contract is for you

  • Peace of Mind during your vehicles ownership experience
  • Protects you from high-priced repair costs on today’s technological vehicles
  • Deductible cannot be raised; unlimited claims and the policy cannot be cancelled for making claims
  • Claims are preauthorized and paid to servicing facility
  • Policy can be transferable to third party if you sell the vehicle

I am so glad I decided to get an Extended Service Contract for my new car. I am a student and on a very tight budget. After owning my vehicle for just over 3 years my fuel pump went out. The Extended Service Contract covered my tow to the dealership, the part and labor. If I didn’t have the Service Contract, I would probably be forced to put the cost on a high interest credit card. The Extended Service Contract saved me from the stress and an unexpected expense.

Melissa Gonzalez

Exclusions May Apply

The information above is to provide a summary of the coverages and additional benefits that Extended Service Contracts provide. Exact terms, conditions and exclusions can be found on the Extended Service Contract. To insure coverage, please call the toll-free claim number provided on your contract.