Genesis Tire Pressure Guide

2023 Genesis G70 Wheel

It’s vital that our neighbors in Henderson keep their tires properly filled, both to optimize the safety, efficiency, and longevity of their tires. Take a moment to read our Genesis tire pressure recommendations, and if you have questions or need help along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Genesis of Las Vegas service center



Recommended Genesis Tire Pressure

If you’re searching for a comprehensive 2022 Genesis tire pressure guide, you won’t find the information you’re looking for in one place. However, the Genesis tire pressure guide below includes recommendations for models from between 2017 – 2021. If you’re attempting to determine how much air your 2022/2023 Genesis model needs, your TPMS system will let you know. You can also find this information in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. 

  • G70 Tire Pressure: 36-39 PSI 
  • G80 Tire Pressure: 33-38 PSI
  • G90 Tire Pressure: 35 PSI
  • GV60 Tire Pressure: 36-39 PSI
  • GV70 Tire Pressure: 33-39 PSI
  • GV80 Tire Pressure: 33-38 PSI

Importance of Maintaining Proper Genesis Tire Pressure 

Now you’ve read our Genesis tire pressure guide, take a moment to learn about why it’s so important for you to regularly maintain proper tire pressure. Proper tire pressure helps to 

  1. Reduce chances of a dangerous blowout on your North Las Vegas commute 
  2. Lengthens the life of your tires by reducing wheel spin and friction 
  3. Improves your vehicle’s efficiency. 

Steps to Inflate Tire Pressure 

If you’re driving a Genesis for the past few generations, your tire pressure monitoring system will alert you when your tires are under-inflated and let you know what the proper Genesis tire pressure for each tire is. Otherwise, you can find PSI recommendations in your owner’s manual. To air up your tires: 

  1. Drive to a gas station with an air pump. 
  2. Unscrew the caps off the tires that need to be inflated. 
  3. Turn on the air pump and attach its hose to the valve stem of the tire.
  4. The hose should feature a tire gauge that will tell you how much PSI is currently in the tire. The air flowing from the hose will make the gauge display the PSI a second or two after you’ve fastened the pump hose to the valve stem. 
  5. Press the hose into the stem, holding it firmly in place. When the gauge on the hose reaches shows that your tire has the proper PSI, remove the house and put the valve stem cap back on. 
  6. If your air pump hose doesn’t feature a gauge, you can always buy a tire pressure gauge inside the Paradise gas station. 

Have Questions About Genesis Tire Pressure? 

Now that you’ve read about the Genesis tire pressure guide, if you have further questions, or you’re in need of tire repair or replacement, give Genesis of Las Vegas a call at 725-201-9624! Our certified Genesis mechanics can get you the help you need for less than the competition. While you’re here, be sure to explore our service specials to see if you can save on the service or tires you may need! 


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